Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Liddybug

 Once there was a little girl, named Lydia Grace, who was turning one.  She had a lady bug themed party and had a blast.  (Really got into that cake)!  Only this little girl didn't stay little.  She grew and grew and grew.  She still liked lady bugs and decided since she had no memories of her first birthday, she wanted to have another lady bug themed party.  And so it was planned...
 The birthday girl with 10 fabulous friends, 1 splendid sister, and 1 cute cousin!
 Grandma K was the party plannin' queen.  She had such fun decorations and games planned.  Aunt Amy was in town and made things run very smoothly with her help.  Thanks to two pretty cool peeps!
 There was the "guess how many lady bug M&M's were in the jar" game.  A true labor of love was that Grandma painstakingly painted the lady bugs on each M&M!  Some one in relation to Lyd may have eaten most of them had a few.
 Pin the Lady Bug on the wall game.
 Then, there was a hot potato type of game where lady bugs were passed around.
 Sorry Mom...couldn't resist.  Here Grandma is demonstrating the next game, where one was supposed to hop to designated area with lady bug between the knees.
 And finally, there was a game where the girls had to throw a lady bug threw a swinging hula hoop.  All had fun, but I think...
 Anna-girl had the most fun watching!
 Time for cake...Lyd had a fun time directing her singing party guests in their musical endeavor.
 Most of the menfolk wanted nothing to do with this scene and had celebrated on an earlier occasion with Lyd.  Uncle Matt decided to take his chances and brave the wave of squeals and girly delight (might have had something to do with the fact that he wasn't going to leave his beautimus, due-any-day wife).  We were glad to have him!  Then this guy showed up and we weren't too sure. was Daddy in disguise.  He showed up to wow the crowd with his hula hoop skills!

The End


Jill said...

cute post, Gwenny. and what a sweet little party!

Jill said...

Hi Gwen, I noticed that your blog feed over there on the right appears to be stuck on an old post from three weeks ago. Just letting you know there are new things at the Blab. xxx